Star Wars Trilogies
The Princess Bride
In Alphabetical Order:

Sean Biggerstaff
Nationality: Scottish
Infamous Role: Oliver Wood in Harry Potter
Films/Role: The Winter Guest/Tom, The Crow Road/Young Darren
Information and Image from: Sean Spotting.

Nicolas Cage
Nationality: American
Infamous Role: Cameron Poe in Con Air
Films/Role: Raising Arizona/H.I. McDonough, The Rock/Stanley Goodspeed, City of Angels/Seth Plate, Face|Off/Castor Troy

Sean Connery
Nationality: British
Infamous Role: The Second James Bond
Films/Role: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade/Dr. Henry Jones Sr., Dragonheart/voice of Draco, The Rock/John Patrick Mason

Sir Ian McKellen
Nationality: British
Infamous Role: Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings trilogy
Films/Role: X-Men/Magneto, Gods and Monsters/James Whale, Apt Pupil/Kurt Dussander, and many many Shakespearean roles.
Extra: His official site (which has sounds of the actor speaking in the background of the main page)..

Alan Rickman
Nationality: British
Infamous Role: Snape in Harry Potter
Films/Role: Die Hard/Hans Grueber, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves/The Sheriff of Nottingham, Galaxy Quest/Alexander Dane.

Henry Thomas
Nationality: American
Infamous Role: Eliot in E.T.
Films/Role: Ishmael/Moby Dick, Kid/Quest, Avery Chasten/Suicide Kings, Seth/Niagara Niagara.
Other: Singer in The Blue Heelers and The Rain Dogs.

Coming Soon: Patrick Stewart, Orlando Bloom, Viggo Mortenson, and possibly some women.