The Princess Bride
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Anthony Daniels
Nationality: British
Star Wars Persona: C3-PO
Misc: We almost didn't get Daniel's prim Threepio voice, Lucas originally was planning to dub over it, but gave Daniel's a try at the actor's insistance.

Mark Hamill

Nationality: American
Star Wars Persona: Luke Skywalker
Other: He's a very accomplished voice actor, his most famous role is The Joker in the Animated Batman series.

Samuel L. Jackson
Nationality: American
Star Wars Persona: Mace Windu
Other: Jackson got the role as Mace Windu after talking about his love of Star Wars during an interview. Lucas called and offered him the part almost immediatly.

James Earl Jones

Nationality: American
Star Wars Persona: The voice of Darth Vader
Other: Jones as the voice of the evil Lord Vader sparked a racial controversy saying that Lucas chose Jones because of his race. How they could they think that when they heard his perfect baritone is beyond me.

Denis Lawson
Nationality: Scottish?
Star Wars Persona: Wedge Antilles
Other: Fine, he's in here because of my undying love for Wedge, but still. Lawson is the uncle of fellow Star Wars actor Ewan McGregor (Young Obi-Wan Kenobi).

Ian McDiarmid
Nationality: American
Star Wars Persona: Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine
Other: McDiarmid joins Daniels, Frank Oz, and Kenny Baker as original cast members returning to play their younger selves in the prequel trilogy. McDiarmid however is the only human character to do so.

Frank Oz
Nationality: American
Star Wars Persona: Yoda
Other: Oz is not only the voice of Miss Piggy and other muppet characters, he's also an accomplished director. His films include In and Out and The Dark Crystal.